Story of groff

«Through Grof I saw all the dogs we have saved and all the dogs we are yet to save.» Pavle Bihaly

Grof was a pit bull found at the end of October 2016. He was lying alone and abandoned on the concrete near the airport when he was accidentally found by Marija and Andrijana. His face was full of deep scars which clearly showed that he had been abused, tortured and forced to fight in the ring. Despite the difficult past and great pain, he had suffered for days, Grof still had a big heart. Even after all he had gone through, he gathered courage to trust us. In addition to still loving people, he had love for his friend Tito, the half-breed we saved from the Roma settlement the same day.

We fought for his life for a full month. However, kidney and heart diseases were too strong, stronger even than our wish and all the effort to give Grof a second chance for a life full of love and respect he deserved. We took care of him 24 hours a day the best way we knew, but still our Grof died on November 25, 2016.

We feel the size of Grof’s heart and life every day and we believe that we have changed his world in the last month, as he has irrevocably changed ours and connected all of us forever.

Dearest Grof, you live in us and through us!
Thank you!

Your Leviathan Team


GROF 25.11.2016.

Levijatan 123


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