Problemi s kožom i prehrana
21 Apr 2019
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Problemi s kožom i prehrana

Svrbež, češanje i ugrizi prvi su znakovi koje uočavate, a često su tek simptomi onoga što se događa ispod krzna vašeg ljubimca.


  • Jedan od mogućih razloga je alergijska bolest kože koja se zove alergijski dermatitis.
  • Kao i kod ljudi, uzrok mogu biti svakodnevni alergeni u okruženju (pelud, prašina, grinje...), a to stanje se naziva atopijski dermatitis.
  • Još jedan važan uzrok alergijskog dermatitisa je preosjetljivost na hranu odnosno ''alergija na hranu''.
  • To se stanje često dijanosticira kod mačaka i pasa, a posebno kod štenadi do 1 godine starosti kada su i alergijske rekacije jače.
  • Imunološki sustav kućnog ljubimca potiče alergijsku reakciju na proteine iz hrane, koji su inače bezopasni.
  • Najčešći znakovi na koži su: ranice, pojava osipa, gubitak dlake, upale uha, crvena i upaljena koža, svrbež uz perutanje
  • Dodatni znakovi: proljev, povraćanje
  • Alergijski problemi s kožom najčešće započinju s ušima koje su jedan od najosjetljivijih i najmanje zaštićenih dijelova kože.
  • Najčešći alergeni iz hrane za pse su: govedina (60%), soja (32%), piletina (28%), mlijeko (28%), kukuruz (25%), pšenica (24%) te jaje (20%).
  • Osim osnovnog uzroka, na mogućnost pojave alergije na hranu mogu utjecati i upale, infekcije, operacije i neke vrste lijekova.
  • Jednom razvijena, alergija može trajati doživotno, a riješenje je u uklanjanju te supstance iz prehrane.



  Jedini pouzdani način otkrivanja alergije na hranu je eliminacijska dijeta koji je potreban određeni vremenski period i obuhvaća  konzultacije s veterinarom.


  • Prije bilo kakve veće promjene u ishrani, savjetujte se  s vašim veterinarom
  • Tijekom 6 do 8 tjedana, uobičajena prehrana vašeg ljubimca zamjenjuje se posebno formuliranom klinički provjerenom veterinarskom prehranom
  • Ta prehrana namijenjena je za svođenje izloženosti na najmanju moguću mjeru proteinima koji izazivaju alergije vašem ljubimcu
  • Izloženost čak i najmanjim tragovima proteina koji su potencijalni uzrok ranijih alergijskih reakcija može uzorkovati zabunu u rezultatima
  • Izuzetno je bitno da vaš ljubimac izbjegava svu drugu hranu, ostatke obroka, začine, poslastice ili dopune prehrani tijekom trajanja testa


Nakon utvrđivanja uzroka svrbeža, otpadanja dlake i ostalih simptoma vaš veterinar preporuča odgovarajuću prehranu za daljnje hranjenje. Odgovarajućom brigom i prehranom vaš ljubimac će ubrzo biti onaj stari te će njegovo zdravstveno stanje biti pod kontrolom.

Za sva pitanja i brigu oko zdravlja vašeg kućnog ljubimca obratite se svom veterinaru.

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    Waters recede into the ocean, in other words. And when these waters recede, there is a tremendous amount of dead plant matter and plants have really lost out on their resources. So that's a concern and there's also the possibility that some of those nutrients might still be able to come back in, especially with more severe storms and that we know it will be important for this region to have water resources in places where that is feasible.

    Is there any real danger for humans in a future with a large part of the Earth ocean covered in salt seas and a lot of ice?

    One of the very real dangers from an ice age is the idea that we could lose a great deal of carbon in Greenland and in other places from the ice-age. We know that this has already happened a couple of times. The consequences of a large temperature increase with all the melting is that we may even lose this ability to absorb carbon from ice, which means it would make it possible for organisms like bacteria to go extinct at any rate. So that would be really a really big problem.

    What about an ice-age and more extreme heat?

    This has been proven that when you have very high temperatures, the water gets hotter, as it does in an ice-age, but if you have a high temperature with a lot of moisture in it and you're not able to cool it off, it becomes very flammable, and that's the first real threat to life from an ice-age. The second is the effect of increasing ocean temperatures that's not yet experienced, particularly with global warming. It's hard to see how that wouldn't have an effect on humans, because if people don't have enough water for them to keep warm, they will die from starvation.

    There has been a lot of talk about how we could move the West Antarctic ice shelf to higher sea levels. How would that happen?

    It turns out that ice and icebergs can't move that far because there are so many rivers that run past that region. So, if we get into a sea-level rise scenario, it's very difficult to think about how to move them because we're already on a coast in that area, right? So it will all become part of a bigger process. We can put into place ice shelves to reflect the water, but the ice is slowly losing strength over time due to the erosion of it by sediments.

    I've never seen ice sheets as big as these here on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. How big would it become?

    There are actually several different models that say if we just took one point and just doubled it. What happens, we'd have a much larger ice shelf, and the areas that it becomes unstable are muc

    Council hits the road to assess cyclone recovery

    The latest storm is forecast to produce an average storm surge of 15 metres along its track and will be moving at a rate of 20 metres per hour by Sunday evening.

    The storm will be low but high and low on cloud, causing dangerous wind gusts on both coasts.

    It is forecast to reach Wellington's north and west coasts at 10pm on Sunday morning but could extend north of there at the weekend to Melbourne by Monday evening.

    The state's Meteorology Centre said wind speeds along the storm's track were forecast to approach 15 kilometres per hour and be between 22 and 24 kilometres per hour higher on the Tasman Sea than it is today.

    It added, however, that wind speed has been reduced along the west coast towards the New South Wales coast by as much as 30 kilometres per hour.

    Rain in parts of NSW this morning is forecast to weaken to 3mm. — ABC Weather (@abcweather) November 29, 2016

    The weather bureau said a number of coastal areas will see rain showers, with scattered showers and thunderstorms across much of NSW.

    "We're already looking at showers in the southeast and a lot of rain on the coast south of Sydney," the bureau said.

    Storms are also expected to produce low-pressure systems east of Brisbane and some wind gusts to 30km/h in the south of Queensland by tomorrow.

    New South Wales state's cyclone forecaster James McPartland said there was a danger the weather system could make landfall in areas of inland sea along the coast around Kurnell.

    "We could see coastal areas being inundated or coastal areas being flooded around Kurnell," Mr McPartland said.

    Topics: storm-event, weather, cyclone, bushfire, darwin-0800, melbourne-3000, vic, wollongong-2500

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