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The Levijatan movement was spontaneously formed in Belgrade in 2015 and has been rescuing and healing life-threatened and abused animals ever since then. This sustainable and independent Movement was a result of systemic problem and non-compliance with the Animal Protection Act, and by its actions it appeals to full application and adherence to it.

As the only such movement on the ex-YU territory, we strive to stop inhumane acts, such as consciously hurting animals, their starvation, exploitation, and abandonment.
With our activities, we want to draw attention to those who treat animals in an unacceptable way. We are also working to reduce the over-population, but we also provide a complete health care to heal all the animals we can.

One of our primary goals is to open regional shelters where all animals will have the best possible conditions for rehabilitation and a chance for a new, better and quality life.

Thank you all for supporting Levijatan and we promise you that nothing and nobody can and will not stop us in promoting animal rights. We will never give up on bringing people who abuse animals back onto the right path.


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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary.
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