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Pokret Levijatan spontano je formiran 2015. godine u Beogradu i od tada danonoćno spašava i leči životno ugrožene i zlostavljene životinje. Ovaj samoodrživi i nezavisni Pokret nastao je kao posledica sistemskog problema i nesprovođenja Zakona o zaštiti životinja, te svojim delovanjem apeluje na potpunu primenu i pridržavanje istog.
stop animal abuse, pokret levijatan, ex yu, zaštita prava životinja
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Stay Cool in the Summer

Ever wondering what is Levijatan doing when there are no animals to rescue? Taking care of our own pets and taking care of our numerous furry friends on the streets!

If you are a newbie pet owner, or just love the animals enough to care about the local street dogs/cats – here are a few simple tips to help you take care of them properly.


Whether you already own a pet/pets, or decide to take care of the street dogs/cats in your neighbourhood – there are a few things you can do to help them survive the summer heat. Just like people, animals can get heat stroke when exposed to high outside temperature during the long and dry summer days. The higher the temperature, the greater the risk of overheating. Here is what you can do to help your pet stay cool this summer :

1. Dogs and cats enjoy sitting in the sun, but it is important to provide a good shady spot for them,so they can maintain their optimal body temperature during the day. Otherwise, if these animals spend lots of time in the sun, the risk of heat stroke (and even the risk of skin cancer) increases (yeah, they are like us!). So, if you have a pet, be sure to provide such spot for them; if you take care of the street dogs in your neighbourhood, try to do the same for them also.

2. Always keep enough fresh and cool water available for your furry friends. Try to keep it in the shade, and place it apart from the bowl with the food. This is especially important for the street dogs/cats,as their natural instinct tells them not to drink water that is right next to the food, as it can be contaminated. Also, try not to use the same bowl for food and water,for the same reason.

3. If you need to take your pet for a walk or exercise, plan such activities for the early morning or late evening hours. It is always good to avoid the hottest part of the day. Remember that longhaired animals will surely enjoy and benefit from a nice trim, so consider taking your pet to the trimming professional (rather than doing the trimming by yourself, as it can be an unpleasant experience and dangerous for the animal – unless you ARE the professional trimmer)

4. If you take care of older pets, it is important to consider that they are even more susceptible to the high temperature – so it is always good to keep an eye on them.