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Pokret Levijatan spontano je formiran 2015. godine u Beogradu i od tada danonoćno spašava i leči životno ugrožene i zlostavljene životinje. Ovaj samoodrživi i nezavisni Pokret nastao je kao posledica sistemskog problema i nesprovođenja Zakona o zaštiti životinja, te svojim delovanjem apeluje na potpunu primenu i pridržavanje istog.
stop animal abuse, pokret levijatan, ex yu, zaštita prava životinja
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Clearly defined priorities are among the most important things in life. Life passes a judgement on whose are right and whose are not, and life can truly be the strictest judge. In setting their priorities, everyone has the right to choose their own criteria. Priorities can often have a symbolic meaning as well. So, the symbol of our values, philosophy and ideology is the “Levijatan T-shirt”.

All our priorities are woven into it. For someone to put it on, they must fight for it and the proof that they are worthy of it is harder than initiation. No, we do not talk about gang members in favelas, we talk about the proof that the one who wants to wear the Levijatan tee shows that they are worthy of it with their attitudes, courage, and values. That they are ready to change their lives, but also to bleed for it if needed. To show their loyalty, self-esteem, courage, and the fear of life of those weaker, and to put altruism above egoism and honor above the profit. For those who wear it, the paw on the tee is communication without a word. They understand, recognize, support, protect and respect each other. Even when they do not think the same. Then, they put first the team and the goal that is bigger than any of us.

There are also “Levijatan support” T-shirts. Recently, we have been seeing them on people who bad-mouthed us, spinned negative stories in the media, gave up on us, trivialized everything we did, and especially how we do it. They wear them because they have become a trend. And they are mistaken. Again. They are not a trend, they’re a style. And it’s better for them to take them off, they do not suit their character. This support is for all people who know the right of a weaker being that has no voice, for those who stand up to protect them.

For those who have become legends during their lives and proudly wear them at their concerts. For those who can withstand any storm during the flight and every wave during the strongest Bura. For those who believe! We wear our idols like many others on T-shirts.

We are our idols.


Ivana Rokvić, Levijatan Movement